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Top 5 Charitable Cancer Hospitals in India

Access compassionate care and advanced treatments at India's leading charitable cancer hospitals.

Charitable Cancer hospitals in India is a registered NGO established to create awareness with a zealous endeavor to cater to the healthcare requirements of striving endlessly to meet the welfare of underprivileged cancer patients. People get attracted to approach charitable cancer hospitals in India for standard and cost-effective treatment.


Cancer is a deadly disease that has afflicted human beings for years. The incidence of cancer patients is expected to rise sharply in India in 2020, with over 6.5 lakh male patients and 7.1 lakh female patients. The National Cancer Registry Programme’s Cancer Statistics Report of 2020 reveals that one in every nine Indians is likely to develop cancer between the ages of 0-75. The cost of cancer treatment in India has also increased, compounding the burden of this disease.

charitable cancer hospitals in India

Given the rising burden of cancer and its increasing costs in India, it is advisable for everyone to lead a healthy lifestyle, avoid triggers, and take good care of their health. Fighting cancer can be emotionally, physically, and financially draining, making prevention and early detection even more crucial. Regular screenings, a healthy diet, regular exercise, and avoiding harmful substances such as tobacco and alcohol can all reduce the risk of developing cancer.

Cancer treatment in India can be expensive, with many patients struggling to afford the necessary care. Thus, it is important to raise awareness about cancer and the importance of early detection and to provide financial assistance to those who need it. The government and non-governmental organizations can play a vital role in promoting cancer awareness and providing support to cancer patients and their families with the help of charitable cancer hospitals in India.

Key Takeaways

The top charitable cancer hospitals in India that provide free cancer treatment include:

  • Tata Memorial Hospital – Kolkata.
  • Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre – New Delhi.
  • Tata Memorial Hospital – Mumbai.
  • Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology – Bangalore.
  • Regional Cancer Centre – Trivandrum.

The Indian government has implemented various initiatives to provide low-cost or free cancer treatment. Additionally, some renowned institutions in the country offer comprehensive cancer treatment at no cost, with support from the government and global donations. The top charitable cancer hospitals in India that offer free cancer treatment are listed below.

Cancer in India: Addressing the Challenge

Cancer poses a significant health challenge in India, with several types affecting the population. Among the cancers that result in the highest mortality rates, lung cancer and breast cancer stand out. Lung cancer is particularly prevalent among men, often linked to tobacco use, while breast cancer affects a significant number of women.

Addressing the impact of cancer requires a multi-faceted approach, including awareness campaigns, early detection programs, and accessible treatment facilities. Charitable cancer hospitals in Inida play a crucial role in providing affordable and quality care to those in need.

These institutions focus on delivering comprehensive cancer care, encompassing diagnosis, treatment, and supportive services. By combining medical expertise with philanthropic efforts, charitable cancer hospitals contribute significantly to the fight against cancer, aiming to reduce mortality rates and improve the quality of life for patients across India.

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The Best Top 5 Charitable Cancer Hospitals in India

Tata Memorial Hospital – Kolkata

Tata Medical center- Best Top 5 Charitable cancer hospitals in India 1

Tata Memorial Hospital at Kolkata is built with an edifice of clinical excellence in India to provide cost-effective treatments. They are the leading pioneers in providing advanced cancer treatments which are highly trusted by the people as integrated health care provided for the common people. They consider cancer patients as their top priority by implementing the renowned facilities using state-of-the-art technology and related infrastructure which are highly innovative to provide personalized care.

The outstanding oncologists along with the medical team are experts in inspiring people by treating them with compassion and infusing people with hope by shoveling a possibility of a second chance in life. Furthermore, advanced treatments are provided free of cost to the underprivileged. 

Available Time: Open 24 hours

Address: 14 MAR (E-W), New Town, Rajarhat, Kolkata 700 160 West Bengal, India.

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre – New Delhi


Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre are considered one of the most trusted hospitals in oncology. They are composed of an experienced team of oncologists, nurses, and technicians who help in research to provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment for cancer care.

They also have fully equipped technology with a well-built infrastructure to make sure cancer patients are treated with customized care in providing affordable medicines at affordable cost. The entire team is fully dedicated to meeting the requirements of each and every individual by treating them with love and care.

Available Time: Open 24 hours

Address 1: Sir Chotu Ram Marg, Sector – 5, Rohini Institutional Area, Rohini, New Delhi, Delhi – 110085, India.

Address 2: Squadron Leader Mahender Kumar Jain Marg, Block K, Niti Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110049.

Tata Memorial Hospital – Mumbai


Tata Memorial Hospital is the most sought-after hospital in providing the best cancer treatment facilities in India. They conduct extensive research on several types of cancer and provide a standard treatment. The entire medical team strives to provide comprehensive care to all the patients right from the time they step into the hospital, throughout the treatment, and following up even after the treatment.

They have a well-equipped infrastructure and adopt cutting-edge technologies in educating themselves to provide standard treatment at reduced rates, and some patients also get treated for free. The team of counselors encourages the patients, and families to gain confidence in taking the apt treatments.

Available Time: Open 24 hours

Address: Dr. E Borges Road, Parel, Mumbai – 400 012 India.

Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology – Bangalore


Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology is a government-based cancer hospital located in the Garden City of India. They are one of the top cancer treatment hospitals in the state of Karnataka and in India. They are well-known and highly approachable to provide quality-based cancer treatment at an affordable cost.

They also have a molecular oncology center inside the hospital premises to analyze the early detections of cancer to treat them accordingly. Also, they have a highly experienced medical team of doctors, chemotherapists, anesthetists, technicians, and nurses to treat cancer patients with extensive care.

Available Time: Open 24 hours

Address: Dr. MH, Marigowda Rd, Hombegowda Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560029.

Regional Cancer Centre – Trivandrum


The Regional Cancer Centre is one of the famous cancer care hospitals in India. it is popularly known as it has expanded the treatments in providing chemotherapy and radiation therapies by using advanced treatments. This tertiary care center treats all types of cancer with the best diagnostic facilities.

The sophisticated treatments, medical advice, palliative care service, and follow-ups given to the patients are highly appreciated.

They have highly skilled experts in understanding the needs, and conditions of the patients in providing customized care. They provide low-cost treatments and have supplied the best of treatments to the people belonging to the low-income group.

Available Time: Open 24 hours

Address: Medical College Kumarapuram Rd, Medical College Campus, Chalakkuzhi, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695011.

Treatment of Cancer

The treatment of cancer is multifaceted, and options depend on the type, stage, and individual factors. Common modalities include:

  • Surgery: Removing tumors or cancerous tissue.
  • Chemotherapy: Using drugs to kill or inhibit cancer cells.
  • Radiation Therapy: Employing high-energy rays to target and destroy cancer cells.
  • Immunotherapy: Enhancing the body’s immune system to fight cancer.
  • Targeted Therapy: Using drugs targeting specific molecules involved in cancer growth.
  • Hormone Therapy: Interfering with hormone activity to treat hormone-sensitive cancers.
  • Stem Cell Transplant: Replacing damaged blood-forming cells.
  • Precision Medicine: Tailoring treatment based on genetic and molecular characteristics.
  • Palliative Care: Improving quality of life through symptom management.
  • Clinical Trials: Investigating novel treatments for improved outcomes.

Types of Cancer Screening Tests Available at VS Hospitals

VS Hospitals, a leading cancer hospital in India, provides an array of cancer screening services designed for early detection and improved treatment outcomes. Our offerings include:

Imaging Tests

  • Mammography: Detects early breast cancer signs through detailed X-ray images.
  • Colonoscopy: Screens for colorectal cancer by examining the colon and rectum.
  • Lung CT Scans: Identifies early lung cancer in high-risk individuals.

Radiology Tests

  • CT Scans: Offer detailed cross-sectional images for various cancers.
  • MRI: Provides detailed images of organs and tissues to identify abnormalities.


  • Involves removing tissue samples for analysis to confirm cancer presence, type, and guide treatment.


  • Uses a flexible tube with a camera to examine internal organs, detecting abnormalities early for prompt intervention.


Our comprehensive services at VS Hospitals ensure early cancer detection and effective treatment, utilizing advanced technology and expert care.


To conclude, there are several charitable cancer hospitals in India that offer free or low-cost cancer treatment to patients in need. These institutions rely on the support of the government and generous donations from individuals and organizations across the world to provide comprehensive care and support to cancer patients.

With their compassionate and dedicated staff, advanced medical technology, and a focus on patient-centered care, these hospitals are making a significant difference in the lives of those affected by cancer in India.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Stage 4 cancer refers to cancer that has spread from its original site to other parts of the body. At this stage, the cancer is generally considered to be advanced and harder to treat than earlier stages. However, whether or not stage 4 cancer can be cured depends on several factors, including the type and location of the cancer, the extent of its spread, and the overall health of the patient.

Unfortunately, in many cases, stage 4 cancer is associated with a poorer prognosis than earlier stages of cancer, but it is not a guarantee of death. The outcome for people with stage 4 cancer varies widely depending on several factors such as the type of cancer, its location, the extent of its spread, the patient’s age, overall health, and other medical conditions.

Chemotherapy is a treatment that can be used to help manage and potentially shrink cancerous tumors, including those in stage 4 cancer. Chemotherapy works by using powerful drugs to kill rapidly dividing cancer cells. It can be used alone or in combination with other treatments such as surgery, radiation therapy, targeted therapy, or immunotherapy treatment.

India has made significant strides in cancer treatment, offering world-class medical facilities and skilled oncologists. Renowned cancer centers, like VS Hospitals, and Tata Memorial Hospital, excel in providing comprehensive and affordable care. The country is at the forefront of advancements in cancer research and treatment options. While challenges exist, India’s healthcare sector continues to contribute to global efforts in combating cancer, attracting patients seeking high-quality and cost-effective treatment.

Cancer treatment success rates in India vary depending on the type and stage of cancer. Leading cancer centers, equipped with advanced technology and skilled medical professionals, often achieve favorable outcomes. Overall, the success rates for various cancer treatments in India compare well globally, with many patients experiencing positive responses to therapy. Regular advancements in medical practices contribute to ongoing improvements in cancer treatment success across the country.

Stomach cancer diagnosis involves various methods such as endoscopy, where a flexible tube with a camera is used to examine the stomach lining. Biopsies, imaging tests like CT scans, and laboratory tests may aid in confirming the diagnosis. Additionally, blood tests and molecular testing can provide valuable information about the cancer’s characteristics, guiding the development of an effective treatment plan.