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Psycho Oncology

Psycho-Oncology Service!

Comprehensive services to address psychological, social and practical challenges that arise from cancer and its treatment.

Living with cancer is a stressful time involving a range of emotional, social and psychological changes. Adjusting to these changes can be a huge challenge for the patient as well as those around them. Anxiety, depression, grief and heightened distress are common side effects and can be difficult to manage.

While your medical team at VS Hospitals works to treat your disease, the department of Psycho-Oncology focuses on aspects of cancer beyond medical treatment.

Our Team Can:

  • Help you cope by providing counselling and peer support.
  • Connect you with resources to help lighten the burden of cancer for you and your family.

Why it’s important?

We know that cancer survivors and their loved ones need help coping with emotional and social issues and to learn how to live healthier lifestyles.

How can we help?

Our Department offers emotional support and services to guide you through your treatment process and will address a range of issues that impact your health and well-being. We offer:

  • Counselling services including one-on-one or family counselling to address psychological and emotional needs.
  • Support groups to give patients, families and friends the opportunity to discuss concerns, talk about similar experiences and ask questions.
  • Assisting you to help you sort through insurance.
  • Practical resources for local lodging during treatment, home care needs and interpreter services.
  • Education materials to help you learn about your diagnosis and treatment options, and make informed decisions.
  • Healthcare planning and Caregiver resources.
  • Referral to palliative care.