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Geriatric Oncology

First of its kind Comprehensive Cancer Care Plan for Senior Citizens!

For whom it will be helpful?

Senior Citizens above 60 years Diagnosed with Cancer or manifesting symptoms pertaining to Cancer.

How does it work?

  • Call our Executive
  • We hear your concerns
  • Initial CGA (Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment) is fixed on your convenience which includes a Senior MD Geriatrician detailed assessment
  • Any investigations if needed is advised by the Geriatrician is advised
  • Customized Cancer Continuous Care Plan is designed in consultation with our Senior Panel of Oncologists
  • Eligibility of CCCP is decided and frequency of visits and duration is communicated to the patient.
  • Cancer Care Continuum Plan (Post Discharge)

Every Month

  • 1 Doctor Visit (with Senior Nurse)
  • 2 Geriatric Nursing Visit
  • 1 Physio Visit
  • 1 Prescribed Tele-consultation with Oncologist & Geriatrician
  • Emergency Coordination 24×7

Additional facilities included for Subscribed Members!

  • Lab & Pharmacy
  • Door Step Sources at 10% discount
  • Physio Service at 10% discount
  • Home Care Nursing 10% discount
  • Monthly report from Doctor to NRIs (Teleconsultation)
  • Additional Nursing Visits, Doctor Visits will be at 10% discounts.

What additional Benefits do you get?

  • Dedicated Care Manager (Nurse) will be assigned exclusively to each member.
  • Care Manager will be available from 9-6 & Call Center will be available 24*7.
  • They will Coordinate all our Medical needs
  • VS – Geriatric and Oncology Panel of Doctors decide the eligibility for CCP based on Clients Health Status, Co morbid conditions & expectations.