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Diverse experiences in diagnosis and treatment of various diseases allow us to provide a patient centered and compassionate service, namely Second Opinion Service wherein a comprehensive opinion pertaining to the treatment is provided in a wide range of specialties.

VS Hospitals is bound by a shared commitment to help the patients understand their medical condition and treatment options. Our medical specialists, ensure that patients and their families receive the clarity they need in order to make better medical decisions by increasing their understanding and alleviating uncertainty.

A second opinion is given by collaborating with multidisciplinary physicians. Requests for second opinions have been increasing as patients are faced with difficult choices regarding treatment options and hence, prefer going for a second opinion as two opinions are better than one.

There are no long waits for your second opinion. You just need to simply email us your reports and diagnosis, the specialists physicians review the reports and deliver their opinion within the stipulated time.

There is a demand to lower medical errors, improve the quality of healthcare and reduce health care costs. Getting a second opinion helps to achieve these goals by obtaining a correct diagnosis faster and eliminating unnecessary procedures and surgeries.

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