Best Oncologist in India

Best Oncologist in India
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An oncologist is basically a doctor who treats cancer and provides medical care to the patients who are diagnosed with cancer. He is also called a cancer specialist. The medical field of oncology has three major areas based on treatments: medical oncology (chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and targeted therapy) surgical oncology (removal of tumor and nearby tissue) and radiation oncology (radiation therapy).

If any person is diagnosed with cancer, it is essential to visit the cancer hospital in India and get the advanced treatment from the best oncologist in India as they can manage the patients of all ages throughout the course of the disease.

What Does an Oncologist Do? 

An oncologist is the one who takes special care of the cancer patients by getting to know their family history, lifestyle. This further helps them to identify the type of cancer to deliver a quality and comprehensive care in making a successful outcome. All these starts with diagnosis and their role includes:

  • Recommending tests to determine if the person has cancer or not.
  • Explaining the cancer diagnosis including the stage and type of cancer.
  • Discussing all treatment options and your treatment choice.
  • Helping the patients to manage symptoms and side effects of cancer and its treatment.

Thus, approaching a well-known cancer hospital in India like the VS Hospital, the patient can get to know the treatment plan which may include more than one type of treatment, such as cancer medications, surgery and/or radiation therapy. This means creating a patient’s overall treatment plan with a multidisciplinary team involving different types of best oncologist in India and health care providers to help them get the best care possible. 

Best Oncologist in India

Reasons to See an Oncologist

Your family doctor or general practitioner may refer you to the best oncologist in India if they can’t determine a cancer diagnosis or want the opinion of an expert in a specific field. This intent is to narrow down and rule out the potential causes of issues related to cancer so that you get the best course of treatment possible.

Tests an Unusual Lump or Growth

Usually in a normal clinic or hospital, there won’t be advanced equipment to diagnose a cancerous tumor, so the doctor will refer you to an oncologist for further testing. Most suspected tumors are harmless or benign, but this referral helps the doctor:

  • Makes sure your peace of mind with a negative test
  • Rule out cancer from the cause of symptoms you are experiencing
  • Catch a potentially malignant or harmful tumor in its early stages to make successful treatment
  • Direct comprehensive care in the event of a positive test result.

Provide Cancer Treatment

If you are confirmed with cancer diagnosis, you’ll be referred to the best oncologist in India who will review your case individually, and explain details regarding the treatment options to help you restore to normal lifestyle.

Depending on the stage of cancer, and any potential health complications, the treatment plan provided at the cancer hospital in India could include:

  • Radiation to slow a tumour’s growth without affecting the healthy tissues
  • Surgical procedure to remove a tumour
  • Targeted therapy to limit spreading tumour to other areas of your body
  • Chemotherapy treatment to destroy cancer cells

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Diagnose and Treat Cancer Disorders

Many oncologists provide the best chance of cure after conducting screening tests for the patients. It is recommended by the best oncologist in India to decide the appropriate treatment plan for you. The cancer diagnosis includes:

The goals of cancer treatment are to provide cutting-edge treatments with a reasonable cancer treatment cost in India. Besides that, the cancer treatments are focussed on:

  • Cure to help patients live a normal life span.
  • Primary treatment to remove cancer from the body or destroy the cancer cells.
  • Adjuvant treatment to kill the cancer cells that remain after primary treatment.
  • Palliative treatment to help relieve side effects of treatments or signs and symptoms caused by the cancer itself.

The Best Oncologist in India 

Prof. Dr. S. Subramanian (MBBS, MD – General Medicine, Senior Consultant – Medical Oncology) is founder/chairman of VS Hospital, Kilpauk, Chennai. To know more about this best oncologist in India, you can look through his tremendous achievements in the field of medical oncology.

Achievements of Prof. Dr. S. Subramanian

In his extended and proficient career, the best oncologist in India – Prof. Dr. S. Subramanian has played a vital role in surgical excellence in India in treating patients both nationwide and globally.

This best oncologist in India has prominent accolades that include:

  • Prof. Dr. S. Subramanian is the best medical oncologist in India of international acclaim who has brought nearly five decades of cancer-fighting experience to the medical institution.
  • He is the senior most practicing medical oncologist in India where even though we have half a million consultants spread over five decades it is not a mean achievement compared to this one single individual.
  • His vast experience in handling patients with compassion and care has set him the trademark and has made him the most popular and the best oncologist in India of our times.
  • In a survey conducted by a popular television network, this wonderful clinician has been rated very highly both by his peers and patients which has made him listed as one among the top five oncologists in Tamil Nadu.  
  • He has also earned more awards besides being rewarded with a lifetime achievement award from the former Honor Governor Doctor K. Rossiah.
  • This talented oncologist in India has also worked as a paediatric cancer doctor besides maximizing his proficient skills in handling patients starting from young to old.
  • He is a much-celebrated academician besides being an outstanding oncologist and also, he has developed a highly skilled team of medical, surgical and radical oncologists to utilize the state-of-the-art techniques to handle the patients with quality treatment providing successful outcomes.
  • This best oncologist in India has performed millions of surgical treatment procedures in his specialized areas like cervical cancer treatment, liver cancer treatment, blood cancer treatment, breast cancer treatment, oral cancer treatment, throat cancer treatment, lung cancer treatment, immunotherapy cancer, chemotherapy and much more.
  • Moreover, he ensures that the patients who approach him should get a prompt and comprehensive treatment making the cancer treatment cost in India economical for the patients compared to other cancer hospital in India.

At VS Hospital, Prof. Dr. S. Subramanian, the best oncologist in India along with his team of medical professionals works consistently throughout the surgical process to make the patients have a seamless experience as much as possible. 


There are different surgical procedures to treat the several types of cancer. All you have to do is consult with the best oncologist in India for identifying the root cause of the cancer disease besides providing sophisticated care and reasonable cancer treatment cost in India. 

If you or your loved ones have any queries regarding the cancer treatment, it is advisable to approach the best oncologist in India like Prof. Dr. S. Subramanian where you can expect an individualized treatment plan with comprehensive care to help you live happier and healthier.

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