About me


M.B.B.S: Chengalpattu Medical College, 1994


MD (Radiotherapy): Madras Medical College, Chennai, 1999

Dr. S. Saravanan is highly appreciated for his services as a radiation oncologist. He is perfectly capable of handling obscure health problems because of his high success rate. Presently he practices at VS Hospital Chennai. Education plays a quintessential role in a doctor’s successful career.


Dr. S. Saravanan is a highly qualified medical practitioner having obtained degrees like MBBS and MDRT from reputed colleges. He uses ionizing radiation such as megavoltage X-rays or radionuclides in the treatment of cancer such as head and neck cancer; breast and gynec cancer; and gastrointestinal cancer. Radiation can be given as a curative modality either alone or in combination with surgery and/or chemotherapy.


Dr. S. Saravanan’s zeal to learn about the latest advancements in the field of radiation oncology motivates him to go places to attend various conferences and workshops. He is a member of MCI and was awarded the Padam Singh Award. Has done more than 2000 GyneacBrachytherapy procedures and introduced brachytherapy access to all sites of the body by a Single Radiation Oncologist. Performed various interstitial procedures in brachytherapy in day-to-day practice.

Fellowships Awarded

  • Padam Singh Award Recipient during MD Post-Graduation in Radiotherapy.
  • Underwent Brachytherapy Training in Germany for various sites i.e., Head, Neck Cancer, and Cervical Malignancies.
  • First to introduce MRI-based Brachytherapy in Cancer Cervix in Tamil Nadu.

Specialty: Radiation Oncology


Experience: 21 Years


Services: Cancer Screening (Preventive), Brachytherapy (Internal Radiation Therapy), External Beam Radiation For Prostate Cancer


Specialization: Radiation Oncologist, Hematologic Oncologist, Professor of Radiation Oncology – 7 Years, Presented papers in State and International Forum