Chemotherapy side effects

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Chemotherapy is a medical procedure commonly used for treating cancer.  Even though chemo destroys the dividing cancerous cells rapidly in the body by making it healthy again, the journey to getting healthy is quite challenging as it is lined-up with unwanted chemotherapy side effects.

What is Chemotherapy?


Side effects of Chemotherapy

Feeling exhausted all the time, unexpected hair fall, unexplained bruises and mouth sores are known to be the short-term side effects of chemotherapy.  Nausea, vomiting and weight loss can be another side effect among a lot of patients.  


Long term side  effects of chemotherapy

As everyone is aware that chemotherapy for cancer involves administering strong medicines to destroy cancer cells, the medications may also adversely affect healthy body cells in the long term.  – Nerve Damage  – Memory Problem – Chronic Fatigue  – Cardiac Problems  – Fertility Issues  – Menopausal Symptoms  – Leukaemia 


Nerve Damage Vs Memory Problems 

Chemotherapy for cancer may cause damage to nerve endings which result in tingling sensation, numbness or pain in hand or feet.  Some patients experience memory loss or lose the ability to remember and concentrate.


Chronic Fatigue Vs Cardiac Problems 

Many patients undergo fatigue, weakness and chronic tiredness. the chemotherapy side effects.  The patients can also complain of the same symptoms’ even after years of treatment.  Certain drugs in chemotherapy for cancer cause damage to the heart, especially during the treatment of breast cancer.


Issues affecting  both the gender

In quite a few cases, chemotherapy side effects have affected fertility in men and women or it has affected the ability to enjoy sexual life. Chemo usually affects the menstrual cycle resulting in early menopause.


What is Leukaemia? 

Leukaemia is not a very common chemotherapy side effect but chemotherapy can cause leukaemia in the long run depending on the dosage of the drugs, type of drugs administered, and length of the chemotherapy treatment.


Things to do after chemotherapy 

– Eat small portions of bland foods. – Stay healthy with a proper diet and    stay active. – Intake cream/honey before meals to    overcome pain caused by mouth     sores. – Purchase wigs, hats, scarves, or     other accessories to deal with hair     loss.


Additional things to do

– Strictly avoid intake of alcohol or    carbonated drinks and quit smoking. – Try eating cold food, fresh fruits and    vegetables to stay away from     kitchen and to avoid cooking  – Participate in support group after     the treatment of cancer to share the    emotional trauma


- Prof. Dr. S. Subramanian (Founder)

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