What should cancer Patients do at this Time of pandemic COVID 19

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Do not panic

Firstly, focus on what has to be done to overcome anxiety and take off the stress. Consult a doctor who will help you to ascertain the type of cancer by carefully considering the risks of cancer against the risk of the virus.


Treatment Protocol

Once the treatment protocol decides if the cancer patient has to go to the hospital for treatment or not, you can ask your doctor about the precautions to be taken in the hospital.  At VS Hospitals, extreme precautions are taken considering the safety of the patients and the healthcare workers. 


Treatment Protocol

– Intense screening of the outpatients    and    the visitors entering the hospital     premises. – Hand sanitizers to be provided at the    multiple locations across the hospital. – Insisting everyone at the hospital to     wear a mask and use appropriate     protective equipment. – Safe social distancing with increased     spaces while sitting.



Ascertain the list of precautions to be taken by an individual.  Contracting the virus treatment may be stopped or paused.  Listen to the doctor and local authorities and follow the instructions given by them carefully.  



– Stay at home rather than going out    frequently. – Wear a mask. – Maintain a 6feet distance from    everybody. – Consult your doctor about the     symptoms and the line of contact if you    face any of the symptoms.


Be healthy

– Rest well to maintain good health. – Exercise on a daily basis your diet. resh – Exercise on a daily basisn your diet. – Exercise on a daily basis your diet.


Fight off stress

Discuss with a trusted friend or loved one about your anxieties and hopes.  There are various online groups for people who are prone to cancer and cancer survivors.  Connect with them and get motivated. 


Get a second opinion

If you feel very uncomfortable during your treatments you can go for  a second opinion. 


Be positive

Be a person with more positivity.  Surround yourself with people  who motivates you. Last but not the least, believe the doctor and trust The Almighty. 


- Prof. Dr. S. Subramanian (Founder)

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