Top 10 Endocrinologist in Chennai

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Dr. K. S.Thalavai Sundarram is a renowned consultant Endocrinologist in Chennai who is an expert in the field of Endocrinology.  He has specialized in uniqueness for his amazing service especially for dealing the patients with compassionate care.

Dr. K. S.Thalavai Sundarram


Dr. T. S. Boochandran

Dr. T. S. Boochandran is a trusted Endocrinologist who has helped multiple patients as he is an old hand in this field with 28 years as an Endocrinologist.   He never allows his patients to wait for a long duration of hours. He fixes an appointment to offer proper service by using state-of-the-art technologies with his team. 


Dr. Usha Ayyagari

Dr. Usha Ayyagari is a popular Endocrinologist in Chennai with vast experience of more than 22 years in the medical field in treating children and adolescents She ensures that providing treatment with utmost dedication to really assist in enhancing the lives of his young and old patients.  


Dr. S. Ramkumar

Dr. S. Ramkumar is one of the stalwarts who have a vital role in the medical field of Endocrinology.   He treats children and adolescents who have mild hormonal problems or disorders.  His immense contribution in adopting cutting-edge technologies highlights his efficiency in his service.  


Dr. G. Shanmugasundar

Dr. G. Shanmugasundar is the best Endocrinologist in Chennai in whom the people believe him for his proper management and standard treatments.    He is given the top priority as a dedicated Endocrinologist because his well-versed treatments at affordable prices make his patients receive a positive appraisal for his individualized care. 


Dr. M. Ravikiran

Dr. M. Ravikiran is a dedicated medical Endocrinologist who works for the well-being of his patients.  His patients can approach for clarifications relating to obesity, thyroid disorders and childhood hormonal disorders etc. 


Dr. Anjali

Dr. Anjali has a vast year of experience in the Endocrinology field. She is an expert in providing standard consultations to handle minor or major surgeries


Dr. N. K. Narayanan

Dr. N. K. Narayanan is a well-known doctor who is specialized in Endocrinology and holds experience in this medical field with over 3 decades of experience of practice as an Endocrinologist in Chennai. 


Dr. Karthik Balachandran

Dr. Karthik Balachandran is a famous Endocrinologist in Chennai to deals with ailments that affect hormonal balance.   He is in charge of taking care of several hormonal disorders that include diabetes, thyroid, etc.  


Dr. P. G. Sundaraman

Dr. P. G. Sundaraman is an Endocrinologist who is eager to treat young patients who suffer from endocrine system disorders by  causing a high discomfort.   He makes sure he provides painless treatment by adopting precautionary measures for a successful outcome. 


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