How to Prevent Diabete

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Diabetes - The more prevalent disease

Diabetes is more prevalent than other diseases and 95% of cases are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Although for some patients, the development of diabetes is inevitable, it can be due to hereditary and other factors.


10 Steps on how to prevent diabete

1. Choose carbs carefully 2. Shed weight 3. Get good sleep 4. Be energetic 5. Monitor blood sugar level 6. Manage stre 7. Skip salty food 8. Heart disease risk  9. Treat bumps and bruise 10. Quit smoking and do screening


How to choose carbs? 

Choosing a right diet with carbohydrates that can break down slowly and provide steady energy would really help. You can also include whole grains, beans, nuts, berries, Omega-3 fatty acids, fresh fruits and vegetables.


Reducing weight 

Start reducing weight to improve the body’s ability to use insulin. It can lower your blood sugar, improve blood pressure and blood fats. You will also get more energy by cutting off foods with excess fat, sugar and calories.


Get good sleep 

Getting too little or too much sleep also can increase your appetite and cravings for opting high-carb foods. This increases the weight, and also creates risky complications such as heart attack. So, try to sleep 7-8 hours at night. 


Do active workouts and exercises  

Try to include exercises in your daily routine at least 30 minutes per day because it can aid you to lower your cardiovascular risks, blood pressure levels, cholesterol and keep your body weight in control, and relieve stress.


How to monitor glucose levels?

Check the blood glucose levels daily as it can help you avoid diabetes complications and helps you to analyze yourself how foods and activities affect you.   A doctor can set a target to keep your glucose level on track. 


Getting rid of stress 

For patients with diabetes, there are possibilities of increase in blood glucose levels. It is better to get rid of physical or mental stress.   Including relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation and breathing exercises is highly effective for type 2 diabetes.


Why to reduce salty foods? 

Reducing salty foods can lower blood pressure and protect the kidneys. Season it with herbs and spices instead of salt while cooking.  Adults aged 50 and above, should talk to their doctor about how much to reduce their sodium intake. 


- Prof. Dr. S. Subramanian (Founder)

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