How to Check Breast Cancer at Home

Breast Self-Exam at Home, Examine Your Breasts, Perform BSE Regularly and Breast Cancer Side Effects.

Regular breast self-examinations (BSEs) can help women detect any abnormalities or changes in their breasts, which may be an early sign of breast cancer. 

How to Do a Breast Self-Exam at Home? 

You should know how to do a self breast exam by following the below mentioned steps.

Know Your Breasts:

It is important to know what your breasts look and feel.   Stand in front of a mirror and visually inspect your breasts for any changes in size.

Examine Your Breasts:

You should also know how to check breast cancer at home and perform a physical examination to detect any lumps or abnormalities.

Check Your Nipples:

Check your nipples for any discharge, which can be a sign of breast cancer.  Gently squeeze each nipple for checking any discharge. 

Natural Treatment for Breast Cancer Side Effects:

Eat a Healthy Diet:- A healthy diet can help support your immune system.

After knowing how to check breast cancer at home, start exercising as it can help you manage stress, improve your mood, increase your energy levels.

Exercise Regularly:

Manage Stress:

Breast cancer treatment can be physically and emotionally challenging.  Finding ways on how to do a self breast exam can manage your stress level.

Follow Your Treatment Plan:

Following your treatment plan as prescribed by your healthcare team is essential to managing breast cancer.  

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