Best Neurosurgeon in Chennai

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Best Neurosurgeon in Chennai

A Neurosurgeon treats patients who are affected with neurological disorders. It can have an impact on the brain, nerves, and spinal cord. It is very essential to choose the best Neurosurgeon in Chennai if you wish to lead a healthy lifestyle by restoring to normal activities.


Dr. Karthic Babu Natarajan 

Dr. Karthik Babu Natarajan is the best Neurosurgeon in Chennai who has tremendous experience in dealing with patients affected with neurological disorders.  He is currently rendering her service at VS Hospitals.


Dr. Vijay Sankaran

Dr. Vijay Sankaran who is the best Neurosurgeon in Chennai at SIMS Hospitals has vast years of experience in the medical field of neurology. He provides comprehensive treatment to each and every patient with more involvement and respect. 


Dr. M. Kodeeswaran

Dr.M Kodeeswaran is the best Neurosurgeon in Chennai who provides the best treatments at Apollo First Med Hospitals.  He is good at treating brain tumors, brain injuries, spinal injuries, nerve injuries besides congenital malformations.


Dr. K. Satish

Dr. Satish K from MGM Healthcare is a well-experienced and the best Neurosurgeon in Chennai. He is an expert in dealing with neurological surgeries or procedures as he has more years of experience in this medical field.


Dr. Suresh Paramasivam

Dr. Suresh Paramasivam who is serving in Vijay Ganga Speciality Care is considered to be the best Neurosurgeon in Chennai in the field of Neurology.  He provides extensive treatments with modern equipment like endoscopic discectomies, kyphoplasty, etc 


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