Best Exercise to Improve Lung Function

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Your lungs should be healthy is very important when it comes to leading a better quality of life. When you have healthy lungs then you have good breathing flow to your body and have better ability power to perform physical activities. If you have poor lung quality then it’s put an adverse impact on your body as well as affects your lifestyle.


Breathwork includes all types of breathing exercises and techniques that can enhance your all physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual health. Doing breathing exercises gives more practical benefits to boost your lung health. There are many breathing exercises to improve lung health or your lung capacity, that can be easily incorporated into your daily day-to-day life. 

Breathing exercises:


Diaphragmatic breathing is known as belly breathing or abdominal breathing. In this exercise do use the diaphragm. This is considered to best breathing exercise for lung function. Usually, COPD patients(Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) are recommended to do these Diaphragmatic breathing exercises. 

Diaphragmatic breathing: 


-Make your shoulder in a relaxing position, sit back or lie down. -Then put your hand on your belly and then after on your chest -Breathe in with your nose for 2 sec, while doing this pay attention to the air entering your abdomen and the movement of the stomach -Press on your abdomen when you breathe out with your pursed lips.

Steps ,Here’s how one can do it! 


Pursed lip breathing is the right breathing exercises to improve lung function, it is usually performed to slow one’s breathing. The slow breath out through your lips permits your airways to stick open for a longer time by reducing the amount of work required to breathe. You can DIY ( do it yourself) the best technique to enhance your lung capacity over time.

Pursed lip breathing:


-Breathe in over your nose. -When you are ready to blow air then Purse your lips. -Complete the Breath out process slowly through your lips. Do this twice the length of your inhale. -Do these steps Repeatedly as many times as desired.

Steps,Here’s how one can do it! 


This Equal breathing is called coherent breathing or Sama Vritti, one of the best pranayama/yoga breathing exercises for lung function. The main motto in these breathing techniques is to inhale and exhale for an equal amount of breath at an equal amount of time.  

Equal breathing:


-When you start breathing pay attention to your breathing amount, count it when you blow your air in and out! But yes, closing your eyes, you perform these first steps. -Breath in - Count the number Same when breathing out – Count the amount of the number of breaths. -Do the breath in and out always remembering the inhale and exhales at the same length. And make sure how your length feels when you do this exercise.

Steps,Here’s how one can do it! 


Humming bee breath called Bhramari pranayama, is a breathing exercise chanting with a humming sound. The best breathing exercises to improve lung health. Doing this exercise can flow more oxygen to your body. 

Humming bee breath:


-Close your eye sitting up straight Pay attention to the vibrations in your body and stay calm within. -Place your index fingers gently on your ears. -Take a deep breath in and breathe out, pressing down your ears while sounding “hum” loudly. -Start another deep breath in. Repeat for few more times.  

Steps,Here’s how one can do it! 


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