Best ENT doctor in Chennai

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Best ENT doctor in Chennai

ENT Doctors are specialists to treat diseases or deformities of the ear, nose and throat. They usually perform cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in the head, neck and face by helping the patients to manage the problems related to the nerves in order to control the sense of seeing, listening, smelling, besides the facial movements. 


Dr. Sunny Mehra

Dr Sunny Mehra is considered as one of the best ENT doctor in Chennai, VS Hospitals as he has the expert knowledge to deal with nasal and sinus allergy care, eardrum repair, hearing deficiency assessment and tonsillitis treatment etc. 


Dr. K. Krishnakumar

Dr. K. Krishnakumar from Apollo Speciality Hospital possesses rich clinical and academic experience in the field of otorhinolaryngology as he has performed numerous procedures including endoscopic sinus surgery, reconstructive middle ear surgery, photo surgery, etc. 


Dr. R. Narendran

Dr. R. Narendran currently works at MIOT International Hospital as an ENT doctor. He has provided multiple surgical treatments relating to the treatment of cysts, assessment of hearing deficiency and performing vocal cord surgery etc. 


Dr. Sundhari 

Dr. Sundhari is an ENT specialist in the V Global Health City Hospital who is proficient in handling nasal endoscopy, diagnostic nasal endoscopy, and video laryngoscopy etc. 


Dr. Sanjeev Mohanty 

Dr. Sanjeev Mohaty is the best ENT doctor in Chennai who holds two decades of experience working presently at MGM Healthcare.  He is specialized in providing cutting-edge treatment services by dealing with eardrum rupture treatment, congenital ear problem treatment and ear microsurgery etc. 


Dr. Sunandha

Dr. Sunandha works at the SYMA Medical Centre as an ENT doctor across Chennai. She treats all kinds of disorders like sinusitis, nose bleeding, adenoid and tonsil problem, voice change, hearing impairment, ear infections, etc.


Dr. N. S. Reddy 

Dr. N. S. Reddy is the best ENT doctor in Chennai and a specialised consultant in dealing with all the ENT issues, skull base surgery, neurotology in the Vijaya Hospital. He is very professional in providing appropriate medication to his patients in a kind and friendly ambience by making them feel extremely comfortable.


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