Avoiding and Preventing Cancer

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What is cancer?

Cancer is a unique illness, created within our cells, by our cells.  The damaged DNA causes a cell to divide abnormally creating a massive tumor which is fatal. In simple terms, cancer is an abnormal growth of body cells.


Factors leading to cancer 

The factors which lead to cancer include age, race, sex, heredity, chronic irritation, usage of tobacco, exposure to smoke, dust and radioactive substances.  Cancer prevention steps are definitely better than treatment of cancer to be aware of how to control it.


Cancer – why the fatal disease?

Cancer strikes intense fear with its fairly unique characteristics, and all would like to know more about cancer prevention steps as this disease is fatal, incurable and derived from unknown causes earning a position of esteemed concern among the general public.


The signs, symptoms of cancer 

– A persistent sore throat – Lumps or masses  – Persistent indigestion or change in    the bowel movement – Unexplained or abnormal bleeding    like coughing up or vomiting blood,     rectal bleeding, blood in the urine,     etc. – Persistent hoarseness  – Abnormal cough – Unexplained weight loss


First tip for preventing cancer 

It is essential to increase the abilities of our immune system by keeping ourselves healthy because a healthy body prevents, fights and defeats the disease but we should take measures like avoid consuming alcohol, quit smoking and tobacco chewing in any form. So, try to sleep 7-8 hours at night. 


Why is exercise important? 

Exercising is actually one of the easiest, and potentially most effective tactics for promoting a healthy, active and forceful immune system.  Start it simple by climbing the stairs up and down by spending 15 minutes dedicatedly along with sit-ups and push-ups.


Choosing health foods prevents cancer

A regular diet of having deep fast foods gets certainly linked to a variety of health problems causing cancer.  It drains the immune system which in turn makes you more susceptible to various health issues.  Give up unhealthy food habits.


How to overcome stress? 

Stress can be a massive immune system inhibitor.  It can emerge from all angles, in every direction but with varied intensity.   Recognize the sources that cause stress in your life and work on them to keep yourself calm.  


Warning - Do not ignore cancer

If we don’t take prevention steps and involve ourselves in activities like picking up a quick dinner at the local restaurant to save time and trouble of preparing a healthy meal, cancer can earn you pain, problems and suffering.


- Prof. Dr. S. Subramanian (Founder)

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