7 Diabetes Travel Tips

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Diabetic patients planning a trip

If anyone is suffering from certain health conditions like diabetes then planning for a trip may be a tedious task because untimely meals, excessive physical activity, skipping medications and dehydration can cause drastic changes in the blood glucose level. 


7 Diabetes Travel Tip

1. Carry an updated prescription  2. Carry medication 3. Include a Glucometer to your     medicine kit  4. Pack healthy snacks along  5. Keep yourself moving  6. Keep yourself hydrated 7. Carry comfortable footwear


Carrying medication

Ensure to carry adequate medications at least twice the count of medicines and insulin as you usually need.  Always keep your medications and supplies handy. Never store insulin especially in checked luggage because it may get exposed to extreme temperatures.


Include Glucometer to medicine kit  

Monitor the blood sugar levels by carrying extra batteries and glucometer strips. When you are travelling long-distance, carry a small bag to have easy access to your glucometer test strips, syringes, insulin, fast-acting glucose along with some snacks.


Make healthy snacking 

Healthy snacking at frequent intervals will regulate blood sugar levels and not cause a sudden spike. Have small, or frequent meals and stock your baggage with nuts, seeds, yogurt, fruits, veggies and dip, sandwiches, salads to be on the safer side.


Doing simple stretching exercise

When you take a long flight or train or bus journey, make sure to keep yourself moving by doing simple stretching exercises. When you reach your travel destination, include a morning walk to avoid unnecessary weight gain and prevent further complications.


Stay hydrated during travel

Drink more water and fresh juices to keep hydrated throughout the day. Avoid sweetened teas/ coffee, and other carbonated drinks which may cause spikes in blood sugar levels, alcohol or booze can also be an indulgence.


Wearing comfortable shoe

Diabetics are a prone to infections and foot problems, it is vital to pick the right footwear and shoes along when travelling. Whenever you step out, wear good footwear. Do not walk bare feet as it could lead to foot complications.


Secret for a successful trip 

The secret to any successful trip for a diabetic person involves a lot of planning by taking double the time and effort. Cherish the memories and overload the fun when travelling, little planning is needed to relax and enjoy your trip.


- Prof. Dr. S. Subramanian (Founder)

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