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Sabeer, Co-Ordinator

“Many reasons! My work family tops the list. Even when our daily jobs get stressful I look forward to coming to work every day to see my co-workers who have become family. I love what VS stands for and am proud to work for an organization which is so passionate. When your Director walks in to your office, greets you by your nickname and asks about your life, you truly feel like a valued employee – not just a number

Guest Speak

The place next to temple for us. The chief with divine smile and healing touch is the god, may these words be not sufficient to say our feelings to express our gratitude for the life we are enjoying today. Dr. Nithya, Dr. Manohar and their entire team with tireless service leave us with no pain when we leave the hospital. Staff in the front office and the IP handling are all friendly and helpful but need a little more coordination. To say in a single sentence "Temple of healing" treatment at par with any best corporate hospital at an affordable cost.

Manikandan Mudhirakandi Arumugham