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Priyadarshini, Co-Ordinator

“I work here because I love VS. This organization is by far the best employer I have ever known. Over the years I have seen compassion, loyalty, and respect from all levels of the organization like I have never seen anywhere else. The management team is beyond caring and hard-working; they are passionate and inspiring. VS has been so great to me, and I wish to return that with my ardent loyalty and hard work.”

Guest Speak

We have experience with this hospital for more than one year for a comprehensive cancer care and the doctors and staff have been extremely supportive and the services are great. Especially the chief, Prof. Doctor S. Subramanian is probably the senior most oncologist in Chennai and he has an impeccable knowledge, approach and treatment to the patients and people. This must probably the best cancer hospital that I would like recommend for any cancer care.

Karna M