Our Partner

Our Partner

Dialysis (DaVita in association with VS Group of Hospitals

Why Davita?

  • World-Class qualified experienced team

  • High-tech centre with top-of-the-line equipment

  • Dialysis in a comfortable, private environment, with imported medical recliners, IPTV and LCD screens and more

  • Fully equipped operation theatre

  • Standards of patient care and safety comparable with the best in the world

  • State-of-the-art, standards compliant Hospital Information System for instant accurate access to all patient records


The DaVita Experience

  • Integrated Renal Care

  • Outcomes Monitoring for Dialysis

  • Global Expertise

  • All inclusive Transparent Pricing

  • Holistic Care

  • Highest Standards in Safety


The DaVita Advantage

DaVita is the first center in South Asia to have networked dialysis machines and the highest specification RO plant to provide India’s Highest Quality Dialysis experience to patients.


Strong Clinical Infrastructure

With the ongoing shift from volume to value in healthcare, physicians – more than ever – are focusing their attention on generating optimal clinical outcomes in order to enhance patient quality of life. The extensive tools and initiatives that were built into the DaVita patient-Focused Quality Pyramid (in collaboration with physicians, patients and industry thought leaders) help physicians succeed in this important undertaking. The pyramid serves as a framework for physicians to address the complex factors that impact patients, such as mortality, hospitalizations and the patient experience.

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Guest Speak

I am Pankaj, recently i have sent my parents for routine check-up to VS ADVANCE SURGERY HOSPITAL KILPAUK . I was worrying how will they be able to manage without me. However, when they went to the hospital the staff there guided my parents from the start till the end of the treatment and they were very polite and helpful in all aspects and my parents felt happy and great by the generosity and care shown by the doctors and their staffs. The experience was really great would recommend them.

Pankaj Saha