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Meenupriya, Out-Patient Physician Asst

"I like working at VS Hospitals for many reasons. The most important reason is i believe we provide excellent patient care. The staff is encouraged to provide quality care at all times while always remembering our mission and vision for success. My peers, team leaders and the administration team are all very respectful to me and make me feel important to the organisation. I always feel encouraged in my work and most days I cannot wait to get here to begin my work. I find my work challenging and rewarding and am truly proud to be a part of Team VS –

Guest Speak

World class facilities, homely atmosphere, fantastic hospitality right from the receptionist, helping staffs, physiotherapist and senior doctors, they take a special care and important point is they take good amount of time for each patient, thoroughly understanding their problem, the doctors are down to earth, resulting patients can freely talk to them and convey their issues, perfect diagnosis and great explanation in terms of explaining what is the issue with the help of reports and also explaining the course of action plan so that there is no confusion or doubt in the minds of the patient before he or she gets into the treatment. lam sure this hospital will set an example for the corporates, I wish all the staffs, doctors to continue with their best services.

Ramu Mahalingam