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What is Vesico Ureteral Reflux?

Vesico ureteral reflux is the abnormal back flow of urine from the bladder into the ureter and up to the kidney. It is the most common problem found in children with urinary tract infections. Reflux is dangerous because it allows bacteria that might be in the bladder to reach the kidney. This can cause a kidney infection (pyclonephritis) which potentially can lead to kidney scarring and / or damage. About 1% of children in the world have VUR.

Why does reflux occur?



What is Urinary Tract?

  • The kidneys filter blood to produce urine
  • Urine travels from the kidneys down the ureter's and into the urinary bladder
  • The urine is stored in the bladder until urination occurs
  • The tube through which urine then passes out of the bladder during urination is called the urethra

What is a urinary tract infection?

A urinary tract infection is an infection caused by bacteria (germs) getting into the urinary tract



Assessment aims to record the functioning of our bladder and its outlet and helps in evaluating problem you may have with storing urine or eliminating it from your body.

Many Men

Women and children have problems in urine storage or bladder emptying.

Some Common

Complaints are 'I go too often”, “I can't put it off”, “I wet myself” and find it difficult emptying the bladder completely and have persistent urinary tract infections.

Urodynamic Study

Keyhole Surgery Early Treatment The Best Option



  • There are two kidneys located on either side of the mid back. Each kidney is surrounded by fat within a thin sheath called gerota's fascia
  • On the top of each kidney lies adrenal glands which produce hormones




  • The investigation of urinary tract problems often requires visual examination of the bladder and its drainage system
  • This examination is called a cystoscopy
  • Cystoscopy may be performed in your urologist's examination room or at your local hospital
  • The location, date and the time of the Cystoscopy will be specified so that you can make any necessary arrangements

The Examination

Congenital Urinary Tract Abnormalities



Have you heard of defect in the child's kidneys during the development stage inside the mother womb? It is called Congenital urinary tract abnormalities

Congenital urinary tract abnormalities,

Is a disease which affect kidney, urinary bladder, external genitalia during early stage of pregnancy.


10% children are born with congenital kidney diseases

Its in family,

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