Dr. S. Gurumurthy


Sr. Consultant Radiation Oncologist

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Madras Medical College, Chennai, 1992
Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University (TNMGRMU), 2001
Fellowships Awarded: 
  1. Received Sir A. Lakshmana Mudaliar Award in Oncology.
  2. State First in Oncology in 2001.
  3. Gold Medalist in Oncology
  4. First Person in South India, to Treat Brain Tumors by Interstital Brain Implant using High dose rate Brachytherapy.
  5. One of the few doctors in India to have done Implant Brachytherapy from head to foot.
  6. Highest Number of Implants done in Tamil Nadu.
  7. Treating patients with latest treatment by target treatment by radiation and target chemotherapy.
  8. One of the first persons in Tamil Nadu to start the latest treatment of Electro Chemotherapy

Dr. S. Gurumurthy is a Radiation Oncologist at Be Well Hospital and HCG Hospital Chennai. He is a highly qualified medical practitioner, having obtained degrees like MBBS, DMRT and FCIP from reputed institutions of the country. Dr Gurumurthy also underwent training and obtained his MRSH from London. He uses ionizing radiation (such as megavoltage X-rays or radionuclides) in the treatment of cancer such as head and neck cancer; breast and gynec cancer; and colorectal cancer. A very dedicated professional he has achieved a number of awards throughout his career like Sir A.Lakshmana Mudaliar Award in Oncology, State First in Oncology in 2001 and Gold medal in Oncology to name a few. Dr Gurumurthy is the first Person in south India, to treat Brain Tumours by Interstitial Brain Implant using High dose rate Brach therapy and is one of the few doctors in India to have done Implant brachytherapy from head to foot. He aims at treating patients with latest treatment using radiation and target chemotherapy.

Radiation Oncology
25 Years

Radiation Oncologist


Cancer Screening (Preventive), Proton Therapy,
Brachytherapy (Internal Radiation Therapy),
External Beam Radiation For Prostate Cancer

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Right place to Get right Cancer Treatment. Dr. S. Subramanian, Stand apart from any Medical Oncologist in the country, I have not seen such a humble doctor who spends a good time with his patients, but everyone needs to wait for a bit long to meet such a busy doctor who has saved many cancer patients life. Instead of running around from place to place this is the right place to get cancer treatment with experienced hands.

Bharti Shinai