Critical Care Support

Critical Care Support


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Our Intensive Care Unit provides premium patient care for adults with acute, life-threatening disease or injury. We have a modern 8 bed intensive care unit designed to meet the needs of every patient. From Medical to Surgical, our critical care nurses partner with our physicians, surgeons and other members of the health care team 24 hours a day to ensure quality care for each individual patient.


Area of Services include:

  • Pulmonary, Renal, Multi-Organ System Failure
  • Ventilator Therapies
  • Advanced Computerized Monitoring
  • Sepsis
  • Acute Respiratory Failure
  • Pharmacological Therapies

We have a modern 8 bed Intensive Care Unit designed to meet the needs of every patient. Our health care professionals, partner together 24 hours a day to ensure quality care for each individual patient.


The ICU team consists of:

  • Patient families / friends
  • Critical Care Nurses
  • Critical Care Consultants
  • Surgeons
  • Physiotherapists
  • Registered Dieticians



1.  Can I talk to my loved one while he/she is in ICU?

  • We encourage talking with your loved one while he/she is in ICU
  • Speak normally, but remember that the patient may not be able to respond
  • Speak with the ICU nurses to find out the best way to communicate with your loved one

2.  Can I touch my loved one while in ICU?

  • Touching can be comforting and reassuring
  • Please ask an ICU nurse if you are nervous about accidentally touching medical equipment
  • They can point you in the right direction

3.  How long should I visit?

  • Patient’s families are encouraged to visit their loved ones
  • Due to the critical nature of our patient’s condition, we do ask that you allow them to get adequate rest
  • We also encourage you to get the rest you need to support your loved one
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please consult the ICU nurse / doctor on duty
  • When you are visiting in the ICU, you may see equipment including monitors, pumps, tubing, etc., used to help patients recover
  • If it is a necessary to provide care to the patient during visiting hours, you will be asked to leave to protect your loved one’s privacy and dignity
  • Alarms and bells may occasionally sound
  • Generally, these alert staff to normal changes in the patient or equipment
  • Please don’t panic as the staff will respond to take care of the patient’s needs
  • Our primary goal in the ICU is to provide the best care possible to your loved one
  • Those caring for your family or friend include: Intensivists, Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, Other Support Personnel
  • Each caregiver has been specially trained and is skilled in providing care to those in the unit
  • The ICU can be overwhelming and frightening with its monitors, ventilators and tubes
  • Please rest assured that those providing patient care are working to help your loved one heal

4.  When my loved one is in ICU?

  • Throughout your loved ones stay in ICU, you play an essential role in the healing process
  • However, it is critical for you to stay healthy while your loved ones is in ICU
  • It’s important for you to continue to eat healthy and get plenty of rest
  • Staying up all night, day after day can interfere with decision-making
  • Stay positive and remember that we have highly-trained Critical care nurses / doctors monitoring your loved one 24/7
  • Having a loved one in ICU is very stressful
  • Make sure you allow time for yourself
  • Get up and walk around, let someone take you out for lunch, and let others visit the patient while in ICU
  • Save your strength, your support will be needed heavily during the recovery process

In case of Emergency, please call +91-44-46008000 | 99622 42000

Department of Critical Care Support

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It was really a good experience since we entered the hospital with kindness, cooperative, helpful and hospitality by the hospital staff & Doctors. 

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