Billing and Insurance

Understanding the Billing Process


If you have an insurance cover, it is always a good idea to be familiar with your insurance plan and/or contact your insurance service provider before coming to the hospital. Understanding your referral, authorization, and financial requirements will help avoid any potential delays or issues. In case you reach without any of the above details as mentioned, don’t worry, we’ve an insurance help desk at ground floor of the hospital building to help clarify the insurance plan with your insurance company and help you know the services you are eligible for.

Depending on your insurance, you may be responsible for paying the entire charge or any charges for services not covered by your insurance. For a list of services that are not covered, please contact your insurance company.

Any additional patient financial responsibility is due when you receive your medical bill. You may receive updated bills regularly for services rendered at VS Hospitals.

If you receive a hospital bill and do not understand the content, or if you believe that the information may be incorrect, please clarify with the billing department.

OPD services:

The Out-Patient Department provides services like Consultation, Diagnostics, Preventive Health Check-Up Services. The services are provided by an employed physician and consultant. Some insurance companies view this type of service as an outpatient clinic visit. OPD services bill will be given to you to make the full payment of the services availed by you on your visit.

Direct payment at the hospital:

Card - All payments are accepted through international Visa / Mastercard debit or credit cards. The supporting receipts of the bill amount paid will be given to you immediately after the payment is done.

Payment methods at the time of admission:

a. Patient will pay required deposit by Cash / Credit Card / DD

b. If the patient is a corporate category, patient supportive letter along with other documents are collected from the patient & submitted to the billing

c. If the patient has insurance facility, supporting document will be taken from the patient, pre - authorization form will be filled by the patient & admitted doctor and submitted for processing / initial amount approval.

Please note that an undertaking letter will be taken in case of corporate patient and disclaimer in case of insurance patient.

In case of emergency admission

  • If patient does not have an insurance, patient is admitted immediately, patient family member has to sign an undertaking letter, then go to the allotted room. Patient has to pay the deposit amount within 48 hours.
  • In case of an Insurance patient disclaimer, letter has to be signed. The patient family member will have to submit the insurance details within 24 hours.
  • If you are from any corporate, disclaimer letter has to be signed. The patient has to submit all the documents within 24 hours.
  • After admission, day-to-day provisional bill will be provided to the patient’s family member. Patients without any insurance will be requested to pay the outstanding at appropriate time as suggested by the billing department.

  • Upon complete treatment and doctor’s advice to discharge the patient, a discharge activity sheet is received, rechecked and evaluated for the final billing.

  • Clearance from various departments will be taken.

  • If surgery is performed, for surgeon components, OT charges, services entries are rechecked.

  • Bill is processed after rechecking and confirmation from all divisions.

  • If a patient does not have an insurance, final bill is provided to the patient. Patient
    pays the bill.

  • If corporate patient, bill is prepared according to the agreed corporate rates & non medical bill amount is collected from the patient

  • If Insurance patient, If pre-authorization is approved earlier, bill to be prepared according to agreed tariff & discounts, final bill along with documents and discharge summary are submitted to the insurance desk for final approval.

  • If Insurance denied, patient is asked to pay the final bill amount.

  • Patient is discharged and patient goes home.

Companies with Contracts with VS Hospitals

As of March 1, 2015, VS Hospitals have contracts with the following managed care health plans. This list is updated periodically and subject to change.  It may not be comprehensive.  Please check with your health plan to verify coverage.

Please be advised that there may be certain services provided in our facility which are not covered by our contract with your plan. Please inquire with your health plan before calling to schedule an appointment. 

Please note that your health plan may require you to obtain a referral from your primary care provider before being seen by our specialists.

For additional information, contact +91-44-42001000 | +91-44-46008000 or write to

Guest Speak

I am Pankaj, recently i have sent my parents for routine check-up to VS ADVANCE SURGERY HOSPITAL KILPAUK . I was worrying how will they be able to manage without me. However, when they went to the hospital the staff there guided my parents from the start till the end of the treatment and they were very polite and helpful in all aspects and my parents felt happy and great by the generosity and care shown by the doctors and their staffs. The experience was really great would recommend them.

Pankaj Saha